Music by Master Peter Deunov. Artists: Videlin Djedjev – violin. Victor Iliev – piano and arrangement.

Paneurhythmy for violin and piano CD Cover
Artwork & graphic design: Adriana Gerasimova

Our collaboration began in march 2018 with a recording of the music of the Paneurhythmy by Master Peter Deunov. The music is arranged for violin and piano by Victor Iliev.

Paneurhythmy, given by Master Peter Deunov, is a complete spiritual practical system, including ideologically interconnected physical exercises with musical accompaniment performed outdoors in nature.

The recording is available for download in two versions – for listening and for dancing. In the dancing version, before each exercise a pause is added and the first tone is heard as a signal soon before it starts.

  1. For listening:
  2. For dancing (pauses and signals are added before excercises):

Listen on SoundCloud:

Or play in YouTube: