More recordings

The music by Master Peter Deunov is what brought our duo together. We perform this music with joy and devotion. Our main task is working with this music. Here we publish more audio recordings of it.

Recordings from June 2020:

Download all from (MP3) or from Google Drive.

Or choose pieces from this list:

Az smeya da kazha / I Dare Tell (MP3) / (WAV)
Bog e Lyubov / God is Love (MP3) / (WAV)
Vesel ti bǎdi / Be Joyful (MP3) / (WAV)
Vǎtreshniyat glas na Boga / The Internal Voice of God (MP3) / (WAV)
Da imash vyara / Be Faithful (MP3) / (WAV)
Duhǎt mi shepne tova / My Spirit Whispers (MP3) / (WAV)
Kiamet Zenu (MP3) / (WAV)
Malkiyat planinski izvor / The Small Mountain Spring (MP3) / (WAV)
Mirǎt ide veche / Peace is Coming Now (MP3) / (WAV)
Molitva / Prayer (MP3) / (WAV)
Obetovana zemya / Promised Land (MP3) / (WAV)
Pesen na svetliya pǎt / Song of the Bright Path (MP3) / (WAV)
Proletna pesen / Spring Song (MP3) / (WAV)
Ranen chas / Early Morning (MP3) / (WAV)
Sila, zdrave e bogatstvo / Strenght and Health – They Are Wealth (MP3) / (WAV)
Skitah se po gori i planini / I Was Wandering through Forests and Mauntains (MP3) / (WAV)
Tam daleche / Far Away (MP3) / (WAV)
Shte se razveselya / I Will Greatly Rejoice (MP3) / (WAV)

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